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Stylish and Practical

Stiltz Home Lift

What is a Stiltz Home Lift

Stiltz home elevators are now available in Malaysia – a stylish and compact home lift which provides a simple and easy way of transferring between floors quickly and easily. The Stiltz home elevator has been designed to fit into any home environment and is perfect for homeowners who are either looking for help to get around the home, or looking to ‘future proof’ their property.

Discreet, elegant and economical, our home lifts are an ideal solution for you and your family. The unique dual rail technology means this safe, unobtrusive home elevator can be installed quickly and easily in any Malaysian house from Penang to Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru. Contact us now and discover how a Stiltz home lift can start improving your life today.

Home Elevator: Watch our video on how a Stiltz works!

Stiltz Home Lift

Benefits of Stiltz Home Elevators

The Stiltz Home Lift can be installed almost anywhere in the home thanks to its compact footprint, drive mechanism and dual rail technology. This means Stiltz home elevators have an unrivalled ability to fit into spaces other home lifts cannot, with minimal building work and disruption.

Small Footprint

The Stiltz Home Lift has one of the smallest footprints of any home lift in Malaysia, taking up less than a square meter.

Low Power Consumption

All Stiltz home elevators plug straight into a standard power socket meaning they use no more power than a toaster or kettle.

Whisper Quiet

Unlike other residential elevators, Stiltz do not use noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems. This makes them quieter than many stairlifts.

Unique Guide System

A Stiltz residential elevator uses self-supporting vertical rails and does not attach to load-bearing walls, minimising vibration and noise.

Fast Installation

A modular design means the Stiltz home lift can be easily moved into your home by our installation teams, and assembled quickly onsite.

Self Contained Drive System

A Stiltz home elevator is powered using a quiet yet powerful electric motor which is neatly concealed at the top of the lift car.

Stiltz Trio+ Footprint

The Trio+ Home Lift has a footprint of 1046mm x 1278mm. Compared to most wheelchair lifts on the market, it is still remarkably small.