Barduva Home Lift / OKU Lift

Save on space, minor renovation works.

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What is a Barduva Home Lift?

Barduva Home Lift is a screw driven vertical platform lift assembled using high quality materials. It has been designed and developed to ensure that our lifts can run smoothly.

With its clever engineering, the Barduva home lift does not require safety pit or machine room, saving you more space! Besides, the impeccable engineering design is so flexible that you can have a maximum of three doors installed on each floor.

You can customise your lift design to fit any environment. Choose from different wall panels, doors and flooring to make it your own!

Moreover, Barduva home lifts can be installed quickly and efficiently. Our lifts are generally installed and ready to operate in just a couple of days.

Can I install this in commercial buildings?

Yes, of course! The Barduva lift is fully DOSH / JKKP compliant, and it is registered as an OKU lift (Orang Kurang Upaya).

The OKU lift, otherwise known as handicap lift is an excellent option for spaces where traditional commercial elevator will not fit. It is designed to provide access to wheelchair-bound, disabled and elderly need.

We sell and install OKU lift for temple, clinic, service centers, shops and other public spaces to meet JKKP requirement.

Features & Benefit


Manufactured in Europe

Designed and manufactured in Lithuania, Europe.


Door opening options

You can choose to have right or left swing door. Up to 3 doors per landing.

European safety standards

The Platform HomeLift complies with Europe’s strictest safety requirements. It complies with the European lift standard EN81.


Design finishing

Our lifts are always delivered with high quality aluminium and glass steel finishing. You can also choose floors with different colour rubber or desired texture vinyl.


Shaft inclusive

The screw driven platform lift comes with a shaft which saves you civil works.


Simple control panel

The platform control panel is designed to be extremely easy to use and comes with an emergency stop button.


Multiple sizes

Platform size starts with1.1m x 1.4m footprint, loads up to 400 kg, 5 people.


Fast installation

On-site installations take approximately 10 days.

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